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Virgo Woman

As a lady Virgo, you do not necessarily run after glory, but you will know how to manage the situation to perfection if it falls into your lap. To you, one needs to be disciplined in order to find true happiness. You look after your health, you are organized and you do all in your power to stay away from misfortune for as long as you can. Your approach to life couldn’t be any more logical.
On the professional front, you are comfortable in any third sector job. Blessed with a great sense of responsibility, you are organized, devoted, logical and very practical. The medical field strongly appeals to you.
Your sense of duty remains your best ally. Whatever the domain you get involved in, you will always work the best of your ability and you can easily be trusted. You will always try to do as well as you can with your children, husband or boss.
It’s safe to say that you are addicted to “reason”. You never listen to your heart, and when it starts beating too hard, you discretely move on to something else. Extremely sensitive, you suffer a lot, and your tendency to dramatize everything doesn’t help. A natural romantic, you often feel like breaking your own rules and giving in to a passionate love affair… But your “common sense” is on the case!