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Taurus Woman

To be completely happy, you need to settle down and be surrounded by the people you love. You wish you were living in the television series “Little House on the Prairie”, where morale and respect help overcome every obstacle. Living in an environment you have designed from top to bottom would also fill you with joy.
You dream about reforesting our countryside, giving new life to our villages. Nature is extremely important to you, even if you spend the entirety of your time in the office.
You are the walking definition of an overprotective mother. You enjoy taking care of you children and you like to buy them new clothes, bake them cakes… but sometimes you find it hard to actually talk to them. You are always there when they need you and you are a figure of peace and security. In this ever moving world, you bring stability, you are the one who is always there, the one they will always come to visit, even if they move to the other side of the world!
In love, you are always torn between heart and reason. A lot of thinking is required before you allow yourself to be in love. Extremely vulnerable, you are afraid to be hurt, hence the clash between your heart and your mind. Sentimental, you usually give in and allow passion to take over – in a relationship, you are totally committed. How far are you ready to go? As far as you have to, as for you love is the most important thing in life.