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Scorpio Woman

It would be an insult to talk to you about happiness. Nonconformist and rebel, you don’t really believe such a thing exists. You claim to have different aspirations compared to most people, and ignore your fundamental need for love as a result. Your ultimate secret dream? To love and be loved like there’s no tomorrow.
You would like to follow your heart more often, but you find it hard to do so. Spontaneity is a luxury than you can very rarely afford. Most of the time, you analyze, you judge, you put under the microscope every single thing your peers do or say. Suspicious, sometimes paranoid, your approach to love is unconventional. Being in love always bring chaos into your life. Torn between your heart and your head, you tend to fall for a powerful mind.
Extremely sensual, your killer eyes make you come across as mysterious while allowing you to express your strongest desires. Black and red (your favorite colors) will suit you to a T, and softer colors will allow you to surprise everybody around you. You are pretty and attractive, no matter what you wear…
You are attracted by mystery: police investigations, unknown civilizations, archaeology, occultism, divination or magnetism.