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Pisces Woman

Your wide range of values and beliefs, dear Pisces, define exactly your vision of happiness. If you have faith in religion or an artistic gift, you will feel in harmony with the world. Otherwise, you will spend your entire life chasing pipe dreams. You are more than happy to devote some of your time to humanitarian work. Helping the poor and needy is often enough to make you happy. You aspire to explore the universe and all its mysterious rules.
But before your that, your main aim is to study, research, increase your knowledge as much as you possibly can. Filled with feelings and emotions, reason hardly ever dictate your actions. You follow your intuitions and your instinct, in love like in business. Your partner must be an expert, a man who loves you enough to make you the happiest woman on earth. Your lover must stimulate your desires and help you fulfil them; he must be manly and enterprising, with a prince charming side to him.
Your telepathic abilities lead you to get closer to the people around you in mysterious and secret ways, following what your heart tells you to do. In a way, you are mystical without knowing it, a great soul looking for her lost paradise. So are you reasonable? Not really! You can be trusted with any secret. However, your trust must never be betrayed, as you will not forgive nor forget easily at all.