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Libra Woman

Your sign of Libra, seeking peace and harmony, will find it hard to remain optimistic. With a creative mind, your express your own vision of happiness through your artistic work. A bit of art, a slap-up meal and the company of someone you like are enough to make you happy, as you aren’t hard to please.
You only follow your heart, and fashion trends from time to time! You like to give yourself a style, play a role and be a bit of a rebel.
As far as feeling are concerned, you trust your instinct and you let your heart guide you. Caution and hesitation go out the window when love is concerned, as long as you can remain classy and elegant. Unpredictable and charming, you often hide how dangerous your fickle personality can be!
Which type of men is right for you? A man older than you, who can accept your vital need to be admired without becoming jealous, would be your ideal partner. Culture, class and conversation are your requirements.
Your main aim is to live in a lively environment, to be in contact with people, to have friends round or go visit them, to go to the theater. You get bored as soon as you are alone! As you are extremely friendly, people tend to enjoy spending time in your company. Knowingly very fair, you will often be picked as a judge. Enough to flatter your ego! Everything beautiful and artistic appeal to you. If you end up spending any time by yourself, you will listen to some music, play an instrument or read a good book.