woman zodiac sign

Leo Woman

To you, happiness is as beautiful and vast as a medieval castle. Your aspirations are huge, noble and generous – you want to make to an impact in other people’s life. Whether you own your company or you work behind the till in a local store, you want to be admired and make others jealous. Your motto: “it’s better to be envied than pitied”. Faithful and stable, you dream of unique passion. Seductive and joyful, you know exactly how to use your charm. With such assets, it’s hard to see how you wouldn’t be happy in love! Especially as you will refuse to let yourself go at any time! You despise fake individuals, who will leave you totally indifferent in the best of cases. You are mainly looking for stability, solid and deep love relationships and friendships.
You hide your real personality well under you wild and irrational appearance. Very cautious in your relationships, you think before acting and you never get involved in a “sentimentally risky” love story. You always listen to your head over your heart. As soon as a relationship becomes complicated, you move on to something else. You know how to be fun, crazy, adventurous, but only in a specific context, one that you have under control. Anything to do with the unknown tends to turn your blood to ice.