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Gemini Woman

To you, dear Gemini, happiness means living a life filled with various contacts until your very last day. As you are constantly on the move, you always end up finding what makes you happy. You need to share, write, talk, get the recognition you deserve, be idolized by your neighborhood or by the entire world.
Very brainy, feelings are no more than impulsive annoyances to you! Your favorite game? To seduce, without ever engaging your heart. However, you sometimes go against your own rules when in a relationship. Very cautious when feelings are concerned, you do not turn down a beautiful love story, even if tears and arguments are on the menu. Behind a cold appearance hides and a very sensitive woman who needed to express herself.
You cannot help but feel trapped very quickly. You are often criticized for being unstable. Impatient and inalienable, you swap lovers whenever you feel like it. Besides, you tend to modify the truth, depending on what mood you’re in.
To keep you as keen as on the first day, your partner must know how to be mysterious and make you jealous from time to time.
Expect ups and downs as far as your  finances are concerned, as your hedonistic personality could lead you to spend big – you find it nearly impossible to resist temptation!