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Cancer Woman

Lady Cancer, money and fame do not appeal to you. Being popular, well-liked and understood by your entourage is enough to make you happy! In fact, nothing makes you happier than being on the same wavelength as the people you love. You would be on cloud nine if your entourage was able to double guess and fulfill every single one of your desires.
Your main aim is to take it easy for as long as you can, away from the noise and pollution of the city. Professionally, you would pick a stable position over a lucrative one requiring more efforts. On vacation, you run away from stressful expeditions, you like to take your time and relax by the sea or in bars where all the locals drink.
On the sentimental front, you only follow your heart. The concept of “reason” is completely alien to you. When you want to fulfill your desires, to love or to put your ideas forwards, you take your courage in your hands and you dive in head first. The only thing that can slow you down is your fear of hurting and being hurt. You are extremely respectful, which is the reason why you tend not to transgress any taboo.