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Aries Woman

Lady Aries, it isn’t like you to run after happiness. You love being independent, but deep down you would like to be loved for who you truly are. Willing and brave, sometimes you need a reassuring shoulder to rest on. A stimulating activity and a healthy life filled with immediate enjoyment make you happy. You are a big fan of pioneers, entrepreneurs and adventurers! Success doesn’t appeal to you for what it is, but because it represents the domination of the “I” over the “we”. Slightly misanthropic, you are inflexible and frank, with the ability to ignore all the potential insults coming from your peers. You would like every body to stay where they belong.

You don’t follow any rules as far as love is concerned. To you, reason is an erroneous and out-of-date concept. Only passion can guide the wild and whimsical lover that you are! Sentimentally, taking your time to think and weighing up the pros and cons is out of the question… You only live once and you’re decided to make the most of it. Romantic and extremely impulsive, you suffer a lot in love, but you can’t do anything about it! You’ve always been more attracted to “Romeo” than “Plato”.