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Aquarius Woman

Dear lady Aquarius, you don’t tend to do a lot when it comes to finding happiness. You either go with the flow of your whimsical ideas, which tend to take over your life, or you spend your whole life flirting with your own idea of perfection. The quality of your contacts and experiences is what matter the most to you. You are only happy when you are an active member of society. You like to keep yourself busy with intelligent activities and you seek evasion through traveling, as foreign cultures strongly appeal to you. If you cannot go away for one reason or another, you will take an interest in reading and humanitarian work.
Intellectual, your feelings are deep, but more universal than anything else. Usually, you are more worried about your neighbors than member of your own family. In love, you restrain and try to control yourself, you are after an intellectual relationship. You often overlook the sensual side of a relationship, unless you are an ascendant Taurus or Scorpio. Quite unconventional, you would rather read a book about astrophysics than be given a nice massage. You’re not obsessed with cleaning or tidying! Life is too short to worry about details. You need to live in a clear and spacious environment, it’s vital to you. A simple design will allow you to find your stuff more easily, but a hint of originality wouldn’t go amiss either – at the condition that it doesn’t overshadow your own eccentricity.