Marseille The World

The World


The World tarot card represents travels, communication networks, it can also symbolize the culmination of a project and the implementation of the most ambitious dreams. This card is especially favorable if drawn with other positive cards, when it embodies triumph and luck.


In love, your relationship is positive on all levels, it brings you comfort and sweet happiness. If you are single, expect to meet somebody whose good manners and refinement will not leave you indifferent. It could also be a person of foreign descent or linked with abroad in one way or another.


In this domain, you climb up the professional ladder. An important position is within grasp, and you have the potential to live up to that choice. Yes you will arouse envy, but admiration too.

In short

The World is one of the most beneficial cards in the tarot of Marseilles, as all difficulties will magically vanish away if you draw this card.