Marseille The Strength

The Strength


This card represents willpower, determination, courage, intelligence and unexpected success. You know how to control your instincts and passions. With you, there is no excessive sensitivity. Note that the Strength tarot card wears the same hat as the Magician, those two could be made for each other.


In love, your relationship is stable and harmonious. You will both keep all of your promises and commitments. The only problem is that both of you are stubborn – arm yourself with patience and do not forget that a relationship requires concessions from both sides. One must lead by example, right?


You take responsibility of your career and you expertly deal with all types of difficult tasks in a bid to get yourself notice! Your courage, boldness, and determination allow you to fight on every front. You reach all your goals.

In short

The Strength is also synonymous with success through hard work.