Marseille The House of God

The House of God


Just like every other card in the tarot of Marseilles, the House of God tarot card is ambiguous and often misinterpreted, in the sense that it is perceived negatively. Another way to see it is that the House of God comes just after the Devil, and the transition from Devil to God is a positive one – the two characters could not be more opposite.


In love, relationships are disastrous. Your love story is a fiasco, things must be sorted out. Your relationship is highly compromised. A break-up is likely, and it seems like it could be beneficial. After all, it is not all so bad as long as you look for a fresh start, with that person or someone else.


Professionally, you lack foresight and caution. You will have to take a step back and reassess your current situation in a bid to move forward. You are brave enough to face difficulties.

In short

This card shows that it is easy to lose your balance in case of unexpected circumstances, and therefore reminds the consultant that he must remain very cautious at all times.