Marseille the Hermit

The Hermit


The Hermit tarot card represents a phase of withdrawal and loneliness. A deliberate moment of introspection in order to reassess your life and review your priorities. It also suggests that you will meet someone who will be your guide, someone you can trust.


In love, you need to take a step back in order to have a better understanding of your relationship. The lack of flexibility of your other half comes from the fact that he/she does not seek pleasure, but tangible proofs. Loneliness does not scare him/her, and your views are different. Be more open to communication.


On the professional front, you are insightful and you know how to take action, in a slow but effective manner, thanks to your analytical and perception skills. You know how to make yourself heard.

In short

This card advises the consultant to remain extremely cautious and vigilant at all times.