Virgo Sign


Psychologically, you are someone nervous who feels the need to think carefully before taking any action. You systematically try to find the best answer to any situation: perfectionist, you are obsessed with improving things in every single domain of your life. Disorganization annoys you and a lack of care disgusts you.
Very intuitive and sensitive, you can easily adapt to people and situations. You reject spontaneity, convinced that aiming higher is the way to enjoy the best possible life, even if you tend to overlook your instinct as a result. Anybody willing to understand you must know that your head always governs your heart and body.

The big dilemma in your life: crazy Virgo versus wise Virgo. Wise Virgo, you don’t like getting yourself noticed, which is totally understandable but not an excuse to vanish away! Wise and reserved, you often find it impossible to follow your natural desires, and you could consequently lack ambition. Not bold enough, you would rather not listen to your heart – reassuring spirituality gets the nod over instable spontaneity. You don’t take enough risks, and you have a tendency to only do things by halves.
Crazy Virgo, it’s just the opposite… You do too much, you’re borderline hysterical at times. Nobody can keep up with you! But people usually like you more this way, unpredictable and malicious, despite a complicated, changing and totally bi-polar personality…