Taurus Sign


With the Sun in Taurus, there is a sensual side to you and your first instinct is to seek security. Your desire will be to have, to own and to control materials goods and the individuals around you. As a result, you are really skilful when it comes to practical activities. You also like the nice things in life, comfort, pleasures, and you are determined to own as many goods as possible. Of a very calm and simple nature, peace, joie de vivre and sensuality are essential to you. You are often powerfully charming, and even the more so with time. You are first noticed for your dynamism, your nice skin, your beautiful eyes and your cheeky smile. Then your unshakeable mysterious side makes an appearance.

Venus, your master planet, the planet of Love, urges you to love life and all its beautiful and enjoyable sides while making you sensual. However, your tendency to seek a peaceful and easy life can sometimes lead you to become passive. You have no difficulty finding happiness, your laid-back and practical personality invariably brings success your way.
Even if you are obsessed with material goods, spiritual questions and concerns are often on your mind. In fact, you know better than anybody how to get on with your everyday life while seeking spirituality.

In love, in the office or with your friends and family, your human skills are second to none: faithful and affectionate in love, patient and strict in work, responsible and caring with your family. However, your inflexible, ambitious and rigorous nature could annoy more than one sign, whose expectations are a lot different from yours.