Scorpio Sign


In analogy with Pluto, Mars and the House 8, your sign of Scorpio represents transformation, hidden treasures, mysteries, desire and sexuality.
With the Sun in Scorpio, you are someone secretive, mysterious, passionate, sensual, who chases his dreams and wants to live a fulfilling life. You don’t do things by halves, you don’t hesitate to destroy in order to build again, you are extremely tenacious and you always tend to lead your projects to successful completion.

Psychologically, you are a worrier, very impulsive, sometime aggressive with a tendency to change with time or depending on the situation you find yourself in. As if your life was a constant struggle to assert yourself, you feel the need to provoke others, not because you are nasty but because it helps you understand them better. Rebellion, tension and provocation help you feel alive.
You are often strangely silent, introverted and secretive, with dark thoughts on your mind, such a peculiar behavior surprising most people around you in the process.

In the artistic field, you often look for works that contains a “message”, that will shock the majority of people, abstract paintings or sculptures, satirical or philosophical writings.