Sagittarius Sign


In analogy with Jupiter, you master planet, and the House 9, your Sun in Sagittarius fills you with a strong sense of justice and noble social values: you are somebody who respects conventions and traditions. You like to organize your life independently and freely, you are mad about traveling even if you also love spending time on your sofa with a good book. You are a real idealist, who tries to live the best life he possibly can.

Native of the sign of honesty and frankness, you are aware of your responsibilities and you keep the well-being of everybody else in mind. As you are a very straight individual, your actions are always seen as genuine, and you show no mercy to your enemies. Your generous and devoted soul is your biggest asset. Your need to please everybody around you is so great so your availability tends to surprise your entourage, and even arouse jealousy. You do people favors like they’re going out of fashion, as if it was perfectly normal. Which it is…

Ambitious, you like to be on the winning side, to set yourself new objectives and getting new projects underway gives you satisfaction. Passionate and spontaneous in love, you tend to be strongly but temporarily attracted to somebody, sometimes from a sexual point of view only, and you will not hesitate to move on to your next target once the deed has been done. Only age urges you to seek stability and a more common lifestyle. Greediness is your main flaw, and it can be expressed in different ways: figuratively speaking, you could talk or think too much; literally speaking, your hedonistic nature means that you enjoy a feast fit for a king every now and then.