Libra Sign


In analogy with Venus and the House 7, the sign of Libra represents choices in your social life, arts, beauty, as well as the search for balance and harmony.
As a result, you are a sociable but pretty versatile individual. You can run away from your responsibilities and you hate being left alone. Appearances are extremely important to you and you are afraid of not being like. You can then become nervous and impassive.

Governed by Venus, you are charming and classy, a popular person who is well thought of by everybody around him.
Because Saturn is in exaltation in your sign, you are blessed with a strong sense of justice and respect for others. In fact, it is your biggest asset. Not a week goes by without you using your diplomatic skills, trying to bring harmony between people, which you often manage to do very well. With your need to be seen as someone sweet and voluptuous, wearing lively colors likely to hide your natural beauty isn’t recommended.

However, your lack of decision making skills, because you always try too hard to know whether you are right or wrong, is you biggest flaw. By spending too much time thinking, you sometimes miss out on wonderful opportunities, which you will bitterly regret for a while.