Leo Sign


In analogy with the Sun and the House 5, you are proud and self-assured, obsessed with your appearance, keen on being admired and listened to. Very demanding with yourself, you chase ambitious objectives in a bid to raise your profile. Under the domination of the Sun, you are a very proud individual blessed with great commanding skills. Your good sense of humor and your epicurean nature will help you assert your authority without coming across as a dictator. Extremely fair and honest, you will be liked.

Naturally powerful and confident, you are a popular leader, a director, whose strength and dignity arouse envy and respect. Your sense of authority and taste for recognition lead you to take center stage, with a great need to make things happen around you. Domineering, majestic and ambitious can describe the king of the planetary jungle.
Your faithfulness is second to none. As a result, you will be attracted to a unique partner, with whom your relationship with be sincere and long-lasting. Affectionate, you know how to show your love and you really enjoy seeing your partner looking up to you.

Your ego could be slightly overinflated at times, as you tend to believe that you can get every single thing you want. However, as a native of a very generous sign, you are filled with good intentions, willing to protect anyone close to your heart.