Gemini Sign


Extremely curious and sharp-minded, your brain is constantly on overdrive, thinking about a multitude of subjects, solving problems, making up stories and stocking up on knowledge. Contacts? No, what you have is a real network. Nothing surprising for a sign governed by Mercury. Your flexibility, mainly from a mental point of view, gets you far and turns your everyday life into a successions of intense and enjoyable experiences. When in a difficult situation, you know how to keep a clear mind and your brain always finds a way to come up with solutions. Sociable and thoughtful, you are an extremely popular individual.

Unable to remain idle and blessed with great energy levels, you reject routine and monotony. You feel a great need to escape and you tend to be everywhere, even in places nobody expects to see you.
Your curiosity is lively and your thirst for knowledge is limitless. You spend most of your time asking questions or trying to find answers.
Constantly on the move, your life is a succession of interesting stories and encounters. King of communication, you hate being alone and you cannot live without anybody to talk to. You are therefore very popular, sociable and considerate, even if you sometimes tend to overlook the people who are the closest to you.

Constantly trying to find yourself, you are convinced that nothing lasts forever. As a result, you could be spotted wandering aimlessly on the long road that is life.