Capricorn Sign


In analogy with Saturn (planet of strictness) and the House 10 (representing vocation, profession), your sign expresses realization, perseverance, success, introversion and loneliness.
The Sun in Capricorn makes you serious and harsh with yourself as well as with others. You are tireless, aware of your responsibilities, capable of rolling your sleeves up in order to reach your objectives. You slowly move forward and you climb up the figurative ladder without ever losing sight of your goals. Your intuition is excellent, helping you defend your personal independence and your financial situation. You know how to keep your feet on the ground, you are resistant and relentless, while obeying the law and respecting authority. Extremely ambitious, you are also a charming and genuine individual.

You are somebody pretty introverted and cold, who’s always in control of his emotions, or at least that’s how you come across.
Slow but very composed, solid and balanced, you use your strong personality to accomplish your ambitions. You are capable of detaching yourself from the real world in order to seek more spiritual values.

Like all natives of signs that appear to be reserved and tough, a very charming and sweet individual hides behind the shell you forged throughout your childhood. Your Achilles’ heel is without a doubt your uncontrollable fear of being hurt, betrayed or deceived.