Cancer Sign


With the Moon as its master, your sign alludes to imagination, fecundity, family, household and heritage. Your past and childhood memories are extremely important to you, you are nostalgic and keen on protecting yourself from the outside world.
Extremely sensitive, you are blessed with a lively imagination. Unwilling to take any unnecessary risk, you only show who you really are to people you have blind faith in. Your intuition and instinct cannot stop stimulating your imagination.

Despite coming across as very sensitive and kind, you are very hard to control. You give a lot, but you also expect a lot in return – you constantly crave recognition. King of versatility, you look strong as a colossus one minute and weak as a child the next. With a tendency to pay attention to detail, you can be very fickle, depending on your own interests and preferences. Such a behavior can be explained by the Sun changing directions in your sign.

As a native of a cardinal sign, you do not like being told what to do. You want to solve every problem on your own, as other people’s ideas confuse you more than anything.
You can prove to be extremely calm and friend at home and in the workplace, as long as you’re not asked to do too much.