Aries Sign


As the first sign of the Zodiac, you are, dear Aries, the sign and symbol of a new start. In analogy with Mars and the House 1, you represent the arrival of the spring and you express audacity, drive, activity and masculinity. Your natural energy, under the control of Mars, often leads you to dominate any situation, and you could come across as arrogant as a result if you weren’t so strangely friendly.

But be careful, as diving in head first isn’t always a good thing to do. Filled with courage and determination, you can also get hurt and start doubting yourself. As a result, your temerity, your uprightness, your enthusiasm and your honesty can turn into some form of aggressiveness, rebellion and vulnerability that could surprise everybody around you.
Also impulsive and emotional, you can be moody and you like a good rant or two – beware of the consequences. Your reactions tend to be quick, short and superficial.

Your leaderships skills and sense of authority, when well managed, can turn you into the walking definition of success and inspiration. However, you hate having to adapt to others, you cannot stand cowardice, inertia, the feminist revolution, routine, constraints and all sorts of warnings. Staying where you belong, keeping a low profile and being happy with platonic relationships really isn’t like you.