Aquarius Sign


In analogy with Uranus, your master planet (with Saturn), and the House 11, your sign of Aquarius represents friendship, modern life, space and freedom. The Sun in Aquarius turns you into a nonconformist who loves freedom and embraces evolution.
As Uranus is the master of your sign, friendship and brotherhood are vital to you. You like nature and beauty, you appreciate material goods but you aren’t cupid. To you, the intellectual side is more important than the physical one.

In love, running away from monotony and conventions, you aren’t really made for getting married. Attracted by originality, you seek novelty and boredom can quickly take over. With your partner, arguments and reconciliations will liven up your everyday life. One must extremely sensitive without becoming irrational in order to charm you. Banality and ordinary people annoy you – you are particularly keen on surprises.

Electric, unpredictable and spontaneous, you are sometimes hard to handle, which is your biggest flaw. One has to deal with you the way you are, to accept your extravagant desires and eccentric passions. You don’t always manage to keep your feet on the ground in love either, which explains your irresistible attraction for multiple and simultaneous love affairs, and why you are more attracted to the intellectual side of a potential partner. Especially as your inextinguishable thirst for freedom leads you to regularly explore new horizons.