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Virgo Man

Mysterious, sensitive and hardworking, many questions are raised about you. Linked with Mercury, your master planet, and the House 6, your sign of Virgo represents work, methodological and analytical skills, devotion and restrictions. The Sun in Virgo turns you into a perfectionist with second to none methodological and analytical skills. Afraid of not being good enough, you tend to lack self-confidence. You are more worried about your quality of life than about your imaginative and sentimental sides.
Rational and rigorous, your love life doesn’t tend to sit at the top of your priority list. An efficient communicator, you are very practical. Thus, you are usually tailor-made for jobs requiring direct contact with members of the general public. You can also be found in various offices, working for the accounts or archives departments. You will excel in any domain as long as you respect, or even admire, the person you work for.
In love, you are, at first sight, someone serious and pretty discrete – it is therefore not easy to attract your attention. You need someone who knows how to be very direct while remaining subtle. An intelligent conversation with a hint of humor will not leave you indifferent! Overall, you have a soft spot for women who are self-assured, cultured, organized and down-to-earth. It sometimes takes you a while to make the first move, as you feel the need to dissect any situation before you can take action.