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Taurus Man

First Earth sign of the zodiac, you are an extremely patient, perseverant and stable man. Governed by the planet Venus, there is a very sensual and greedy side to your personality too my dear Taurus. You are also someone who craves security, and as a result always tries to improve his lifestyle. From a very young age, you have been wanting to live and a reassuring and stable environment: family, friends and financial comfort are extremely important to you. On the other hand, you are also a very joyful individual, who enjoys some of life’s little pleasures such as good food.
Not overly competitive, you can easily find happiness. Very skilful, you are a good cook, singer or artist… but you can also be very efficient in the financial and real estate fields. A slow thinker, you rarely change your mind and you cannot stand change!
Extremely loyal, you tend to worry about your loved ones and their problems. Faithful, serious and stable, you never fail to live up to your family responsibilities.
In love, you are looking for a relationship that can provide you with the comfort and security you need to live your life to the fullest. You don’t mind having eccentric and unstable women as friends, but not as lovers.