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Scorpio Man

Water sign dominated by Pluto and Mars, you are usually a very kind individual. Loyal, you cannot stand being taken advantage of. If you are attacked or betrayed, you can prove to be very tough and defend yourself aggressively. Hard to understand, you are secretive, mysterious and introverted, which can surprise many people around you. Scared of being made fun of, you find it hard to express your feelings. You only show your emotions to somebody you have blind faith in, and away from the public eye. Passionate and idealistic, you devote yourself to causes you believe in. Vulnerable and very jealous, your oversensitivity could get the better of you at times. Desire and sexuality also appeal to you.
As a typical Scorpio, you often question yourself: you try to find out more about people by provoking them and observing their reactions!
From your relationships, you expect an answer to the deepest of your questions. Tormented by the darker side of life, you will most definitely be drawn to mystery and complexity.
With a tendency to go to extremes, you see everything in black or white. It’s not like you to sit on the fence.
On the love front, you can be attracted to somebody for her physical appearance or social status. Despite coming across as shy, you know exactly what you want, even if you find it difficult to ask a lady on a first date. Very observant, you feel the need to test the water with any potential “target” first.