man zodiac sign

sagittarius Man

A typical idealist, you have a strong sense of justice. You are honest, frank and you tend to respect social conventions and traditions. Very responsible, you keep everybody’s well-being in mind. Independent and extroverted, you are mad about traveling, but you also enjoy the comfort of your home sweet home, even if you’re not a big fan of housework. A natural leader with great social skills, you show no mercy to your enemies.
Hard to follow, your enthusiasm and independence constantly urge you to go further and aim higher. You challenge yourself, you set yourself goals regarding your relationships, social and professional lives, hobbies and travels, which you achieve comfortably. Charismatic, dynamic and active, you are a pleasant boyfriend. However, be careful: your tendency to look for new ideals could cause you to drift away from your other half.
Talkative and adventurous, you are looking for spicy romances.
Enthusiastic and curious, you like exoticism and challenges. To seduce you, talking to you about faraway travels or the current world affairs is usually enough! You find it easy to make the first move as it isn’t like you to be shy. Once in a relationship, you will tend to take your partner to original places.
Keen on keeping the same level of freedom and free will in your life, your partner must not be too possessive or suspicious: your relationship has to be flirty and easy going.