man zodiac sign

pisces Man

Dominated by Neptune, you are an emotional, indecisive and receptive individual.
Your clairvoyance and lively imagination allow you to predict some of the things to come in your life. Naturally anxious, you often hide in your own little bubble, the only place where you can feel safe. You know how to adapt to situations without necessarily having to analyze them by listening to your intuition. You are hard to understand, and even you struggle to describe yourself. Indecisive and distracted, you don’t really know what you want: to look back or to move forward. Your mood is also very unstable. With artistic skills and a taste for originality, you like to design and create. Extremely sweet, tolerant and discrete, you are also very proud and touchy. You are highly emotional and you cannot even consider a life free of love relationships and friendships.
Imaginative and romantic, you could try to turn your relationship into a dream. Deeply spiritual and blessed with a lively imagination, romance is the only thing on your mind. A mysterious yet charming lady will win you over. Anybody who can stimulate your imagination and raise more questions than she can answer will be irresistible to your eyes.
You also wear your heart on your sleeve and you can be asked all sorts of favors. You don’t hesitate to listen to somebody in order to find out more about her. You then don’t hesitate to ask her out on all sort of dates: cinema, theater, musical show… For it to work in the long term, your partner will have to be on the same wavelength as you at all times, or the magic could soon wear out between you two.