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Libra Man

Dominated by the planet Venus, as a Libra you are naturally charming, elegant and romantic.
You are often a sociable individual, unselfish, ready to listen to others and you hate being alone. Pacifist, you are also very afraid of being disliked. You have a great sense of justice and you are extremely respectful of other people. You are diplomatic and generous, always ready to do somebody a favor or fight injustice. However, you are a bit of a paradox too: naturally a good communicator, you also tend to be nervous and introverted. Very open-minded, you usually find it easy to adapt to various situations: you often keep your opinions to yourself in a bid not to oppose anyone. With a hatred for conflict and violence, you tend to compromise as much as you can, which can make you come across as hesitant or weak.
Native of the sign of Libra, you are often tailor-made for sociable jobs, or professions in the fields of art and beauty.
In love, composed and more seductive than you look, you try to maintain harmony in your relationships. Charming, you will not often find it hard to attract attention, as you often have an active social life. Meeting people is rarely a struggle for you.
With good taste, you never fail to notice pretty and classy members of the opposite sex, who would deserve all your attention. You like peaceful and quiet relationships. To win you over, one must talk to you about cultural activities and encounters, while keeping a smile on her face at all tines. You are romantic, but you don’t like being rushed – you always need to weigh up the pros and cons before you make your mind up.