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Leo Man

Sign of Fire, dominated by the Sun, you like to be admired and you know how to show off your best side my dear Leo.
Proud, you believe in yourself and you aim very high. You need to share your knowledge, to get yourself noticed for the right reasons, to be admired… In other words, you try to shine in any circumstances, and the consequences of your actions could be negative as well as positive. You are often seen as someone slightly big-headed. “When there’s a will, there’s a way” is your motto in life. You are made for jobs in the fields of art, cinema, fashion and luxury. Within a company, you are often part of the management team, always ready to make things happen in the workplace. Also very generous, you are someone with good intentions who can easily be trusted.
Your natural charisma and sense of humor means that you tend to get people on your side effortlessly.
Idealistic, you hope to shine in love, just like you do in every other domain of your life! You have high standards as far as your potential partner is concerned. A woman who doesn’t feel like she’s good enough for you need not apply! One must be a successful lady in order to win you over, to fulfill even more your need to shine in society. As the king of the jungle, you feel the need to dominate the situation, your partner will have to let you make the first move, as you like to be the one in charge.