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Gemini Man

With Mercury as your master planet, you are, my dear Gemini, very honest and nervous. Known for your duality and ambiguity, you always feel the need for change and novelty – you cannot stand routine and monotony! Unable to remain idle, you constantly need to get news projects underway and to explore new horizons in order to blossom… even if it uses up all your energy! You are made for professions in which routine doesn’t exist: journalist, teacher or lawyer. Very curious, you always want to learn more. Popular and very communicative, you accumulate funny stories and interesting encounters. You always have something to say and you are very eloquent. People enjoy spending time in your company, which is handy as you cannot stand being on your own – you always need someone to talk to!
In love, you are known for your light-heartedness and your multiple faces. You expect your love life to surprise you, entertain you and reassure you. Loving and seductive, you are instantly popular with members of the opposite sex. Helped by Mercury, your romantic words and irresistible sense of humor are your best assets in this domain. No commitment, no promises, you would rather have a bit of fun.
To win you over, a lady will have to be capable of and enjoy speaking for hours and hours, as your curiosity knows no bonds, and neither does your need for intellectual exchanges.