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capricorn Man

My Capricorn friend, your Achilles’ heel is without a doubt your uncontrollable fear of being hurt, betrayed and cheated on. From a very young age, you tend to be a lot more reasonable and perseverant than every other sign. Composed, solid and stable are all adjectives that can describe you, and your ambitions mean the world to you. You enjoy being successful and you can overlook many other aspects of life in order to achieve your objectives. Often shy, your self-confidence grows with age and you don’t mind your own company at all, as being alone allows you to recharge your batteries. Determined to be professionally and financially successful, you can also devote some of your time to spirituality. Keeping your feet on the ground at all times, you move up in this world slowly but surely! Perseverant, you can be very harsh with yourself, but also with others.
Reserved, introverted or even cold at first sight, you are in fact a charming and sweet individual, but you lack a sense of humor.
Obsessed with your career, you want to use your love life as a tool to help your improve your social status.
An ambitious lady, professionally successful and capable of bringing opportunities your way can attract your attention. Talking about business will make your heart melt and raise your interest in her. Despite being serious and ambitious, you also look for human contact and affection from the one you love. Her generosity and sense of humor are also very important to you. However, you will very rarely rush to ask somebody out. You will dissect the situation and observe the personality of your target, as you have no intention of wasting any time with someone who isn’t right for you.