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Cancer Man

Dear Cancer, your astrological sign is dominated by the Moon, which means you are a dreamer. Nostalgic, you tend to look back at the past and your childhood. Very close to your family, you see the outside world as a danger from which you try to protect yourself as much as you can. Thus, you avoid taking any unnecessary risk. Even if you are sweet and sensitive, it’s very hard to control you. It’s nearly impossible to impose any idea or choice on you, as you usually want to solve your problems on your own. You will only reveal your true self to people you have blind faith in. And you will be extremely demanding with them in return!
With an eternal need for recognition, you try to build a reassuring nest in which you will be able to express your sentimental side. To win your heart, one must be maternal and romantic, as the ideal woman of a Cancer is often his own mother. Your ideal partner will have to be reassuring, responsible and easy going. Thus, you will look for THE woman on whom you can count and rely, as you never do things by halves when you decide to commit! Enterprising, you know how to make the first move, but at your own pace and in a romantic way: lovely words, a bunch of flowers, you can be a bit “old school” in this domain. As far as physical appearance is concerned, you like a feminine woman, who knows how to highlight her beauty in a refined and elegant fashion.