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Aries Man

First sign of the zodiac and first Fire sign, you don’t hesitate to dive in head first in life, my dear Aries. You are someone active, audacious and willing. Renown for your natural energy and your sympathetic nature, you are a winner, who often sits pretty in first place!
Be careful, you could come across as arrogant at times. Courageous, you don’t hesitate to start your life again from scratch if you are no longer happy with your current situation. You could forget to engage your brain first and rush headlong… bad news for whoever stands in your way! You will then be seen as someone aggressive and vulnerable, not enthusiastic, straightforward and honest at all anymore, which could shock many! With Mars as your planet, you could be a very impulsive and emotional man, who enjoys a good rant or two.
Pragmatic and very active on the love front, you feel the need to hunt down the one you have set your sights on! Physical appearance is extremely important to you. Your lover must be very feminine in both her behavior and her relationship with you. Your “target” must be sensitive but not come across as weak, as you will need an energetic partner, able to cope with your strong personality.