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aquarius Man

Very intelligent and brainy, you will take an interest in just about everything, my Aquarius friend, and you want to make things happen around you. Rebellious, your dream is to make the world a better place! However, you could be slightly paradoxical by being weird and cute at the same time. Nonconformist, your original ideas can sometimes shock the most narrow-minded of people. Optimistic, you tend to lose track with reality: you only see the best in people and you can fall from a great height as a result… Which is certainly why you find it hard to commit, even if friendships are vital to you! You are not very tolerant, even you are pretty sensitive. You need your independence, but you don’t want to be left on your own. Your entourage can therefore struggle to understand you and work out your real personality.
A lover of freedom, you have a taste for nature and beauty, but also for material goods.
Your love life must mirror your personality: it has to get off the beaten tracks!
Hard to approach, it’s nearly mission impossible to seduce you. Being intellectually curious and eccentric are the two ingredients you usually fall for. Your lover must therefore have a good sense of humor, be dynamic and mysterious. Unpredictable, you usually start off as friends with your eventual lovers. This way, you can find out if she’s the one for you before it’s too late.