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Love Horoscope

love zodiac

In the bedroom

Your charm will work wonders and not leave anyone indifferent. You will be elegant and extremely refined. You will use your body subtly and, thanks to the conjunction between the Sun and Venus, you will know how to use your sensuality to get what you want. Such a behavior could in fact be hiding a hint of anxiety. You must be less selfish if you don’t want to hurt the people around you!

love zodiac

Your compatibilities

Introspection will naturally appeal to you this year, as you could be too shy to take concrete action in love. However, the Moon in Capricorn will allow you to meet natives of Capricorn, Virgo and Scorpio. We are not talking about one night stands here, but serious relationships. However, your lack of confidence could lead you to seek refuge in your own little bubble. Don’t be so touchy!