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Love Horoscope

love zodiac

In the bedroom

In the zodiac, Aquarius symbolizes a revival and represents sexuality, which fits you like a glove. In 2014, you will be more sensual than it will seem. In May, the trine between Uranus and the black Moon will make you more seductive. You will see love as a game and you will not hesitate to try out new experiences. You will have to set yourself some limits if you don’t want to fly too close to the sun.

love zodiac

Your compatibilities

You will be generous and you will not be able to consider anything but a relationship in which both parties are fully committed. In July, the great planetary configuration of Venus in Gemini will make your love life idyllic. To make the most of such a situation, you will have to make the right choices. Relationships with natives of Virgo, Leo, Gemini and Libra will be supported. You will be forced to use your judgement skills.